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Gensets thru the Power Generation Department

Solanda's entry into the Industrial Genset market was formally announced in 1989 with the advent of the Power Generation Department, composed of three (3) divisions with fifteen (15) people presently working under the department. The Marketing Division is responsible for the sales and promotion of prime and standby gensets, automatic transfer switches, switchgears and generator set installations. Technical support such as genset installation drawings, foundation layouts, electrical and mechanical drawings is under the responsibility of the Technical Support Division where all drawings are designed through the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. The Preventive Maintenance & Service Division, an essential division of the department, is in charge with the monitoring and implementation of 24/7 duties for PM contracts as well as after-sales service support.

For over 20 years, Solanda through the Power Generation Department, steadily built its level of expertise and competence in all aspects of Standby & Prime GENSETS on fields such as: Design/Engineering, Fabrication & Assembly, Installation & Loadtesting, Multi-Genset Application, Switchgears & Controls/Automatic System and After-sales Support on Parts & Services.

Solanda, to date, have sold more than 2000 units of brand new generator sets (gensets) now installed all over the Philippines, from as far as Tuguegarao in the north and General Santos in the south. These gensets are installed in commercial buildings, condominiums, residential houses, farms, hospitals, schools, restaurants, factories, supermarkets, telecommunication companies, electrical utilities, government facilities, recreational areas, etc.

Gensets from Solanda are found in almost all major industries in the Philippines. The Telecommunication Industry, in particular, have recognized the value and quality of our gensets and are now utilizing our emergency & prime power systems in their operations. The countries biggest Telecommunication companies use these gensets either as back-up or main sources of power.

Preventive Maintenance Contracts are also awarded to Solanda by some of the Telecom companies in recognition of our dedication to after-sales responsibilities. Aside from looking after the gensets, the PM contract includes the maintenance of the cellsite towers, telecom equipments, cooling systems of the communication room and general house-keeping within the perimeter of the cellsites. Involving hundreds of cellsites, monthly and quarterly visits are mandatory but more importantly, Solanda is required to provide a 24hour/7day service response and availability.

Solanda not only draws its strength from high-standard products but also from an organization where leverage is placed on After-Sales support. Highly trained technical personnel works closely with endusers to determine the best product line and system for individual needs and to ensure the effective and long-term maintenance of the equipment. The objective is total customer satisfaction by employing a single source responsibility for quality system & products, parts and after-sales service needs.

Single source responsibility includes the following:
  - Free consultations on delivery of gensets and services specifically designed to customer requirements.
  - Start-up inspection and orientation to assure proper operation from day one.
  - Supervision on genset installation to ensure proper genset utilization and trouble-free operation.
  - Preventive maintenance and service contracts to maximize use of the genset and control operating costs.
  - Operation and service training for end-user's personnel to keep the Genset operating properly.

Every genset sold by Solanda is assured of the able support of a team of engineers and technicians who hold many years of experience in the genset industry.

If you are looking for high quality gensets at a reasonable price, look no further. Solanda brings you only the best-in-class generator sets in the Philippines at prices you can afford. Contact us now for further details.

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