About - Sumo Plus Hand Tractor

Sumo Plus Hand Tractor Power Tiller


A Hand Tractor Like No Other!

The Sumo Plus Hand Tractor is made in a factory using precision methods such as robotic welding processes, hydraulic stamping press, accurate hole punchers and durable powder coating process of painting. Every single Sumo Plus Hand Tractor is test run before releasing.


Dramatically Superior Experience Compared to Other Hand Tractors

The Sumo Plus Hand Tractor pioneers a more efficient design for hand tractors in the Philippines. The belt tensioner follows an international design which complies with the proper usage of the belt and pulley. This setup results in the following:
[1] More efficient consumption of gasoline / diesel.
[2] More durable belt as friction with the pulley is avoided.
[3] Even when wet, the belt and pulley will not slip while in use.

The Sumo Plus Hand Tractor is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is highly efficient, attractive, easy-to-use and at a reasonable price. For more information on the Sumo Plus Hand Tractor, feel free to contact us using the details below.

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