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Solar Water Heating System - No. 1 in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Solahart has been around for more than 30 years. It is the first solar water heater introduced in the country -- making Solahart the most trusted and preferred brand.

Solanda Enterprises Inc. is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Solahart. It is currently offering three models: the L series, KF series and the Synergy model -- applicable for residential, commercial and industrial uses.


L Series       Solahart panel

The Solahart L Series is a roof mounted, open circuit solar water heater specifically designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.

The L Series is ingenious in its simplicity. The black polyester powder coated aluminum absorber collects the sun's heat and transfers it to the water in the 6 risers. Copper is used for the risers for its high thermal conductivity ensuring the maximum amount of heat energy is passed to the water. As the water in the risers is heated, it rises into the tank to be replaced by cooler water from the tank. The solar heated water is then stored ready for use -- hot water free from the sun.

The L Series has a double coated ceramic lined tank with a protective anode. The L Free Heat offers an extended warranty and includes enhanced protection, providing even longer lasting performance for absolute peace of mind.

KF Series       Solahart panel

The Solahart KF Series is a roof mounted, closed circuit system specifically designed to provide higher efficiency for use in low to medium solar gain areas.

The higher efficiency absorber (Black Chrome Selective Surface) maximizes the absorption of available solar energy while the closed circuit design makes it suitable for frost prone and harsh water areas.

The KF series features Solahart's revolutionary multi-flow collector panel which uses a high 35 risers to extract the maximum amount of energy from the sun. Meanwhile, its double ceramic lined tank, with its protective anode, has been developed for long life and the KF Free Heat features additional protection for longer lasting performance. The tank can be equipped with an electric or gas booster. Alternatively, an in-line gas booster is available.

Most KF and KF Free Heat sytems can be installed with the HartStat OTP (over temperature protection) system to prevent over performance during periods of higher solar radiation and lower hot water draw off.




The Solahart Synergy is a smart, energy efficient alternative to traditional solar water heaters. Rather than using solar collectors, it uses highly efficient heat pump technology to extract heat from the surrounding air.

The Synergy operates in much the same way as a refrigerator but in reverse. Ambient air is used to warm and convert the refrigerant into gas. This gas is compressed in the integrated compressor unit on top of the tank, which generates further heat, which is transferred to the water.

The Solahart Synergy also uses an advanced design to provide single pass true top down heating. The flow of the water through the heat exchanger is controlled to ensure the water is heated to 60°C in a single pass and deposited at the top of the storage cylinder for immediate use. This ensures the supply of useable hot water without waiting for the entire tank to heat.

The Synergy's larger compressor gives quicker recovery providing hot water faster. Synergy has the storage capacity and recovery similar to an electric water heater, but with the energy savings of a solar water heater.

The ceramic lined tank with its protective anode has been developed for longer life and provides peace of mind. It is also equipped with an electric booster to ensure a continuous supply of hot water in cold weather conditions.